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General Terms and Conditions

Scope: The access options for load data, other content, and online services offered on the homepage (hereinafter referred to as are offered and sold on the basis of these general terms and conditions. By ordering and paying for the content, the customer also declares his consent to the general terms and conditions listed here.

Conclusion of the contract: The contract is concluded when the order is submitted by clicking the "Order Now" button, the advance payment is made via the secure online payment service PayPal or Stripe and the purchase is confirmed by

Right of recission: There is no right of withdrawal from the special provisions on distance selling contracts in accordance with §312b to 312f of the German Civil Code (BGB). Due to their nature, the goods obtained here are not suitable for return; this is usually the case for all online downloads without data carriers and for digital content and software that have been ordered.  

IMPORTANT: All our loads can be explored before buying an access license. Only the powder charge is hidden. Please check prior to a purchase if your desired load data is available.

Delivery: The delivery of the access option to the digital content takes place online via the registered customer account. The customer must register a customer account to purchase an access license. activates the customer account for all load data for the duration of the purchased access license. With the email and password stored during registration, the customer can log into his customer account at any time and then access all load data. For reasons of practicality, the dispatch can coincide with the confirmation of the purchase. sends the digital content as quickly as possible, but no later than 48 hours after receiving the payment.

Cancellation: has the right to cancel the contract at any time. In such an event it has to repay the annual fee pro rata. If the cancellation happens within the first 12 months, will also refund the setup cost in full.

Liability: is not liable for non-receipt of digital content due to the use of spam filters, antivirus programs, insufficient storage and receiving capacity, insufficient data transmission capacity, unsuitable setting of the email box or inadequate automatic forwarding of the sent content in Area of action of the recipient. always tries to keep all information provided up to date. All information is provided without guarantee and exempted from liability for the correctness and topicality of the content. In all cases of paragraph 5, liability for the consequences of late delivery is excluded.

WARNING: Since has no control over the equipment used by the customer and the data used in connection with the website, any responsibility and liability for the results achieved is rejected. The use of the load data provided on our website is entirely at the user's own risk. The user must therefore compare the specified loading data with data from suitable current loading boards from component or powder manufacturers. In case of doubt, the data of the checked loading information from boards and manuals always apply, especially if specifies a higher load below the maximum permissible gas pressure than the load specified as the maximum load in the checked loading information. The variety of internal ballistic system constellations does not allow any binding statement about the accuracy and reliability of these calculations.

Terms of payment: Any telecommunications charges incurred when ordering, purchasing and using the product are borne by the customer. Invoices can be sent by email. only accepts the payment options offered in the context of the respective order. In the event of a return or non-payment of direct debits or chargebacks by PayPal or Stripe, the user hereby irrevocably authorizes his bank to provide with his name and full address.

Copyright and rights of use: All digital content obtained from is protected by copyright. The user of this content undertakes to recognize and comply with these copyrights. A buyer of the digital content acquires the non-transferable, personal and unlimited right of use at A buyer does not acquire ownership of the digital content. Any further, in particular commercial use, redistribution to third parties, publication in print or online media, paid or free provision on the intranet or Internet is prohibited. Any use beyond private use in the context of individual use requires the prior written approval of

Data protection provisions: collects general data provided by customers as part of the processing of contracts. All data protection regulations are observed. The user's inventory and usage data are only collected, processed or used to the extent necessary for the execution of the contractual relationship and for the use and billing as well as for information about innovations. By ordering and by clicking the "Buy now" button, the user expressly agrees that his data may be used in the context of further information on new topics or when the content is updated by means of occasional information from can. This consent can be revoked at any time by sending a message stating the email address to be deleted to Possible disputes regarding this contract are subject to German law.

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