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The Ultimate Reloading Resource

Load data with over 4 M loads covering over 3.000 bullets, 200 powders and 300 calibers.

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Trusted by numerous Reloaders, Shooters and Hunters

W. Ashton:

This was exactly what I have been looking for. easy to use website and a vast range of loading info.

> 4M

More load data than anywhere else!

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Personalized Calculator

Personalized Calculator

Calculate your loads for specific inputs

Digital Load Diary

Digital Load Diary

Manage your own loads for all your weapons.

Groups / Forum

Groups / Forum

Discuss and share with fellow handloaders

Trophy Room

Trophy Room

Share your hunting and shooting trophies

How we are different


Easily compare performance of different powders and see impact of varying barrel length.


We offer extensive load data for bullets and powders of various brands in one place.


We operate very sophisticated and powerful ballistic models on high-end computers. is a powerful resource for handloaders that offers extensive reloading data for bullets and powders of various brands and manufacturers in one place, even for the oddest calibers. Re-loaders compare key characteristics of various loads for a specific bullet and caliber combination such as powder charge, load ratio, standard maximum pressure, velocity, and powder conversion. Also, see how loads perform for different barrel lengths which is particularly important for regions where silencers are used with shorter barrels. All the loads are developed and reviewed by our pro staff. They regularly add new loads to the database. Feel free to suggest loads should you miss any.

About us

reloading calibers

Our Data Source

All loads are determined by our highly sophisticated ballistics simulator which takes all relevant aspects into account such as powder properties, bullet and cartridge dimensions. The underlying models are discussed in detail in the relevant literature. The art is to calibrate these models based on real tests to improve accuracy. 

Ballistics- and Powder Models

inner-ballistics simulation formulas

We worked with one of the most well-known experts in this field to optimize our models. Other existing ballistic calculators have often been developed based on old programming languages and limited processing capacities of historical computers. Our models run on high-end cloud servers which allow us to do more iterations for better results.

Advanced Simulations

Load data velocity vs. pressure chart
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